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Sports bettors...


1. Intertops.com



English, German


gridiron, baseball, basketball, boxing, horse racing, ice hockey, soccer, usml soccer, motor sports, tennis, golf, cricket, track and field, rugby, skiing, specials
Over 200 distinct lines open on any given day!

bet min

$US 1

bet types

straight wins, spread bets, over/under totals, parlays (combination bets)



deposit by

Credit card: visa, mastercard. bank wire transfer. western union. international money order, various digital wallets

min deposit 

$US 5


Credit to credit card up to value of original deposit, remainder paid by bank draft at no cost. Bank drafts exceeding $1000 will be delivered by private courier free of charge. All withdrawal requests are procesed within 48 hours.


not bad

opening account 



24/7 and toll free numbers for US, UK, German residents


Intertops was spun off from Intertops Sportswetten Gesellschaft GmbH, a leading European licensed bookmaker since 1982, and has operated online under license from the Antigua Barbuda government for over 4 years now, making it one of the industries mainstays. 

Under the terms of its license Intertops is able to provide tax free betting on any events worldwide, and prices reflect this fact. The betting service offered by Intertops is very comprehensive. Over 200 betting lines are open on any given day, incorporating all major regional and international sporting events and leagues. Coverage of soccer is especially impressive with lines open on most leagues around the world, including the Singaporean s-league and Japanese j-league.  Intertops also has a number of novelty betting lines, such as the winner of the reality tv series Survivor.

You can open an account and bet in your choice of a number of currencies. A German language version of the service is also offered. Becoming a member is a quick and simple process. One negative however is the fact that you can not select your own username and password, and the ones provided by Intertops are not simple to remember. 

Depositing cash in your account is not hard to do with a number of options given. A useful service offered is the quick-bet drop down box, which lets you go straight to any available bets relating to a given sports team/individual.

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