As you're no doubt aware, there are thousands of gambling sites on the internet. A search for "gambling" on  reveals around 20,000,000 results. Every day we come across a bunch of new gambling sites. Some are reasonably informative, some are down right ordinary.  But occasionally we come across something special. These are our diamonds in the rough - sites with great content, providing real value add. Check them out...



The Wizard of Odds:-

By far the most insightful and detailed discussion of the mathematics underlying each casino game on the net.  The Wizard of odds dissects all of the well known casino games, setting out house edges for different bet types or strategies.  He even reveals which software platforms offer the best odds for each game offered by online casinos.  A must visit if you want to get scientific about your casino gambling.

Gambling Licenses:-

The most comprehensive single source of details on online casino software vendors and licensing jurisdictions that you will find on the internet.  If you want to to know who powers the online casinos, and where they get their licenses, then this is the site for you.  They also have current online gambling news.

I Gaming News:-

The most comprehensive online gambling industry news service out there.  You'll need to subscribe before you can access their current and archive news, which is a bit of a shame, but I guess they've got to make a buck somehow.

4 Online Gambling:-

A really well organized and content rich gambling portal with just about all the information a player needs to understand the industry and make an informed casino choice.

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